Pro-Skin Stretch & Scar

Pro-Skin Stretch & Scar


Pro-Skin Stretch & Scar
A new innovative approach to rejuvenate skin. 

50ml container.

Ingredients: Honey, francinsence, everlasting hydrosol, lavender hydrosol, jajoba oil.

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Pro-Skin Stretch and Scar Gel

Pro-Skin Stretch & Scar
Stretch and Scar Gel is an integral component of rejuvenating damaged skin tissue following weight loss or pregnancy.

It accelerates the healing process of old and new stretch marks. It can effectively be used on all tissue types and all areas of your body.

Ingredients: Honey, Avocado Oil, Aloe Extract, Lavender Hydrosol. 100% Organic Product

Uses; To reduce stretch marks following weight loss or pregnancy

Application: Apply Stretch Gel liberally over stretch mark areas.

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